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Even as I was endeavoring to make The Writer’s Brush as comprehensive as possible, I realized I could never include every writer-artist, and acknowledged in the preface that “with new writer-artists appearing every day, this book was out of date the day it was published.”  Little did I suspect, however, that within weeks of the book’s printing I would be inundated with a substantial list of writer-artists who had escaped my notice.  These were writer-artists who not only weren’t among the 203 featured in the book, but hadn’t even been mentioned as “Among the Missing”—itself some 67 names long.

To partially remedy the omissions I included a number of them in The Writer’s Brush Exhibition, a show I curated with John Wronoski of Cambridge’s Lame Duck Books at New York’s Anita Shapolsky Gallery and which he reprised at his own Pierre Menard Gallery in Cambridge.  Enormously enriched thanks to John, the show’s 190 paintings and drawings had works by such literary greats as Joseph Brodsky, John Ashbery, Andrei Bely, A.R. Ammons, Annie Dillard, Annie Proulx, Louise Gluck, and William J. Smith. For a complete list of writers represented in the show or to order the catalog, click on Exhibition above.

What follows is a list of writers who, post-publication, have been identified and, in most cases, but not all, confirmed as also being artists. Those who have been and who were recognized by inclusion in the exhibition have an asterisk next to their names. Hoping to make this site a resource for anyone interested in the subject of the writer-artist, I invite folks with names to add or with information about the writers or their artworks to contact me through the email on this site.        
                                                     --Donald Friedman

Walter Abish*
Roberta Allen*
A.R. Ammons (Archie Randolph Ammons)*
Roberto Arlt*
John Ashbery*
Andrei Bely (Boris Nikolaevich Bugaev)*
Jorge Louis Borges*
Joseph Brodsky*
Marcel Broodthaers
(Frank) Gelett Burgess*
David Burliuk*
Samuel Butler
Roy Campbell
Henri Chopin
Tom Clark*
Norma Cole*
Jim Crace*
Aleister Crowley
Fielding Dawson.
Robert Desnos
Annie Dillard*
Rikki Ducornet*
Mary Fabilli*
Ian Hamilton Finley
Jonathan Saffran Foer
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Louise Gluck*
Alisdair Gray*
Brion Gysin*
Mark Haddon
Jack Hirschman*
Susan Howe*
Georges Hugnet*
Iliazd (Ilia Zdanevich)
Edward James
Tama Janowitz*
Tove Janssen
Anna Kaven*
Pierre Klossowski
Bill Knott*
Jiri Kolar
Philip Larkin
Jackson Mac Low
Doug Marlette
Clarence Major*
Osip Mandelstam
Eugenio Montale
Bradford Morrow*
Walter Mosely*
Nikolai Nekrasov
Annie Proulx*
Yannis Ritsos
Maclaren Ross
Claude Royet-Journoud
Salman Rushdie
Ernesto Sabato
Dr. Seuss
William J. Smith*
Iris Smyles*
Elisabeth Stevens
Stephen Tennant
Igor Teren’tiev*
Celia Thaxter
Frederic Tuten*
Tristan Tzara
Cecilia Vicuña
Keith Waldrop*
Rosanna Warren*
Lewis Warsh*
Marjorie Welish*
William T. Vollmann
John Yau
Unica Zuern*

* Signifies inclusion in the The Writer's Brush exhibition

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